KANBAN Behälter


Solutions? We provide them.

Simple and reliable – we handle procurement and logistics for all the C-items you need. We also support you in finding the best way to store your consumables, tailored to your individual needs.


Industry 4.0.

For us, Industry 4.0 is more than just a slogan – it has become a vision that we work towards every single day, helping us to meet your needs a bit better as each day passes. Our mission is to optimise your processes using state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate communication between people, machines and products.

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Florian Pachel

Key Account and Project Manager Industry
Region Bavaria North

Telephone: +49 7944 61-232
E-mail: Florian.Pachel@reca-industrie.de

Peter Scharfen

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Lower Saxony, NRW

Telephone: +49 175 1106368
E-mail: Peter.Scharfen@reca-industrie.de

Dieter Wolf

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Bavaria South

Telephone: +49 170 3377439
E-mail: Dieter.Wolf@reca-industrie.de

Torsten Simmler

Key Account Manager Industry | Region NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate

Telephone: +49 151 52721870
E-mail: Torsten.Simmler@

Daniel Brauner

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt

Telephone: +49 171 8653331
E-mail: Daniel.Brauner@reca-industrie.de

Ronald Görbing

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Hesse, Thuringia

Telephone: +49 175 1879420
E-mail: Ronald.Goerbing@reca-industrie.de

Manuel Michaelis

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Swabia

Telephone: +49 171 8653306
E-mail: Manuel.Michaelis@reca-industrie.de

Kevin Metzger

Key Account Manager Industry | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 8653497
E-mail: Kevin.Metzger@reca-industrie.de

Frank Mack

Regional Sales Manager | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 3054563
E-mail: Frank.Mack@reca-industrie.de

Sven Thiele

Regional Sales Manager | Region North

Telephone: +49 160 96341052
E-mail: Sven.Thiele@reca-industrie.de

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