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RECA Industrie
RECA Industrie

Telephone: +49 7944 61-234

People at the heart of a networked system world

In the era of Industry 4.0, complex product solutions need your employees to carry out numerous work steps as part of a network during production. An orderly and structured space is therefore essential to optimising work processes.

In order to support your employees, we offer you the opportunity to design efficient, ergonomic and individual workplaces. You tell us your requirements and we will find the solution that suits you.  Innovative digital solutions such as RECA RFID iBin with camera module or RECA iSCALE load cell bin with direct transmission become part of your workplace.

RECA Workplace
Workplaces made easy.
RECA Workplace
Workplaces made easy.
  • Workbench systems
  • Workbench superstructures
  • Tool holders/systems
  • Workbenches with side panels
  • Workplace systems
RECA Workplace

Benefits at a glance

Ensures greater … Ensures greater clarity
Item availability
Quick access to … Quick access to work equipment
Time saving
Eliminates inefficient … Eliminates inefficient methods
Supports your employees … Supports your employees through the useful arrangement of your work equipment
Efficient company
Increases efficiency by … Increases efficiency by optimising work steps
Process optimisation
Workplace setup offers … Workplace setup offers you better control over your processes

Get to know our RECA Clip System

If you don’t wish to change your entire workstation right away, or if you have to face ever-changing work steps as a result of varying products and manufacturing processes, the RECA Clip system offers you the optimal solution.

Our mounting system adapts to the employee and the existing environment at all times thanks to the sophisticated rail profiles and bin clips. The clips can be attached to RECA RFID bins as well as all trays and can be mounted directly to the workplace with ease.

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Florian Pachel

Key Account and Project Manager Industry
Region Bavaria North

Telephone: +49 7944 61-232

Peter Scharfen

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Lower Saxony, NRW

Telephone: +49 175 1106368

Dieter Wolf

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Bavaria South

Telephone: +49 170 3377439

Torsten Simmler

Key Account Manager Industry | Region NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate

Telephone: +49 151 52721870
E-mail: Torsten.Simmler@

Daniel Brauner

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt

Telephone: +49 171 8653331

Ronald Görbing

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Hesse, Thuringia

Telephone: +49 175 1879420

Manuel Michaelis

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Swabia

Telephone: +49 171 8653306

Kevin Metzger

Key Account Manager Industry | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 8653497

Frank Mack

Regional Sales Manager | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 3054563

Sven Thiele

Regional Sales Manager | Region North

Telephone: +49 160 96341052

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