Elektronischer Datenaustausch


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RECA Industrie
RECA Industrie

Telephone: +49 7944 61-234
Email: info@reca-industrie.de

Digital processing – paperless, not paper tigers.

We can offer you different EDI connections for an optimum ordering and goods handling process, thus simplifying and accelerating your procurement channels.

Connecting your inventory management system to RECA Industrie’s SAP system makes it possible to exchange data electronically. For us, transferring different data formats, such as EDIFACT, SAP-IDOC and XML, is no problem at all.

Online interfaces
Process reliability and cost savings through an EDI connection.

Duplicate entries or retrospective creation of orders are a thing of the past. Use automatic data transfer in your inventory management system and reduce your turnaround time by up to 30 %.


We use the following standard message types:

  • Order (ORDERS)
  • Order confirmation (ORDRSP)
  • Dispatch notification (DESADV)
  • Invoice (INVOIC)


We use the following transfer protocols for communications:

  • 400
  • Other transmission protocols available on request


Are your needs a bit different? We can find a solution.

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Online interfaces
Interface link directly into your inventory management system

Our PunchOut interfaces enable you to access our online shop directly from your inventory management system. This means that you can access our most up-to-date product data and prices at any time. Save time and costs for manual processes and use the interface link from your ERP system.

OCI interface

  • Import items from the online shop into your software

IDS-Connect (SHK-Connect/-OpenConnect)

  • Import items from the online shop into your software
  • Transfer an order from your software to our online shop

cXML PunchOut (e.g. SAP Ariba)

  • Participation in the procurement platform you use

We provide solutions. You have the choice.

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Florian Pachel

Key Account and Project Manager Industry
Region Bavaria North

Telephone: +49 7944 61-232
E-mail: Florian.Pachel@reca-industrie.de

Peter Scharfen

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Lower Saxony, NRW

Telephone: +49 175 1106368
E-mail: Peter.Scharfen@reca-industrie.de

Dieter Wolf

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Bavaria South

Telephone: +49 170 3377439
E-mail: Dieter.Wolf@reca-industrie.de

Torsten Simmler

Key Account Manager Industry | Region NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate

Telephone: +49 151 52721870
E-mail: Torsten.Simmler@

Daniel Brauner

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt

Telephone: +49 171 8653331
E-mail: Daniel.Brauner@reca-industrie.de

Ronald Görbing

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Hesse, Thuringia

Telephone: +49 175 1879420
E-mail: Ronald.Goerbing@reca-industrie.de

Manuel Michaelis

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Swabia

Telephone: +49 171 8653306
E-mail: Manuel.Michaelis@reca-industrie.de

Kevin Metzger

Key Account Manager Industry | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 8653497
E-mail: Kevin.Metzger@reca-industrie.de

Frank Mack

Regional Sales Manager | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 3054563
E-mail: Frank.Mack@reca-industrie.de

Sven Thiele

Regional Sales Manager | Region North

Telephone: +49 160 96341052
E-mail: Sven.Thiele@reca-industrie.de

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