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RECA Industrie
RECA Industrie

Telephone: +49 7944 61-234

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We provide you with individual parts, accessories or components as part of customised RECA KIT packages. We manage, store, pick and package your RECA KIT packages for you in our service centre according to your exact specifications – no matter whether it is a pressure sealing bag, cardboard or other packaging and whether or not you want it labelled.


Your benefits.

Packaging options
Large selection of … Large selection of different packaging
Process security for … Process security for your parts lists
Cost and time saving
Supplier bundling and … Supplier bundling and shorter procurement times
Includes your desired … Includes your desired label on request
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We answer frequently asked questions.

What options does RECA Industrie offer for selecting packages?

With its KIT packages, RECA Industrie offers you the option of individually selecting and packaging your C-parts however you wish or of selecting and packaging parts lists in the desired quantities.

For which applications are RECA Industrie KIT packages suitable?

KIT packages from RECA Industrie are always used when standardised processes for assembling machines, plants and devices always require the same C-parts. We collect and package these small parts for you in our service centre, before delivering them to you ready for use.

Which items can be included in KIT packages?

Our KIT packages can include any C-part from our extensive product assortment. Our KIT packages can also include assembly instructions and other accessories and special items, upon request.

How are the KIT packages packaged?

You decide how your individual packages should be packaged. We package the KIT packages for you in a conventional poly bag or cardboard box. We can of course label your KIT packages with your own individual labels, company logos or product descriptions, upon request. Do you have any other packaging requirements? We’ll get it done.

Can the KIT packages be managed via a Kanban system?

Our KIT packages can of course be managed for you via our various industrial solutions. For example, we supply your customised KIT package in our two- or multi-container Kanban system and use RFID technology to trigger the new purchase requisition for your KIT package.

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Florian Pachel

Key Account and Project Manager Industry
Region Bavaria North

Telephone: +49 7944 61-232

Peter Scharfen

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Lower Saxony, NRW

Telephone: +49 175 1106368

Dieter Wolf

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Bavaria South

Telephone: +49 170 3377439

Torsten Simmler

Key Account Manager Industry | Region NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate

Telephone: +49 151 52721870
E-mail: Torsten.Simmler@

Daniel Brauner

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt

Telephone: +49 171 8653331

Ronald Görbing

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Hesse, Thuringia

Telephone: +49 175 1879420

Manuel Michaelis

Key Account Manager Industry | Region Swabia

Telephone: +49 171 8653306

Kevin Metzger

Key Account Manager Industry | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 8653497

Frank Mack

Regional Sales Manager | Region South

Telephone: +49 171 3054563

Sven Thiele

Regional Sales Manager | Region North

Telephone: +49 160 96341052

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